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high jrnl

toke n converse

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welcome to highjrnl

join. toke. post. enjoy.

We take pride in being a laid-back, close knit community, but of course we have some common-sense guidelines to help things run more smoothly around here.

Please be respectful of all members! Disagreements are natural and to be expected, intellectual discussion and debate is encouraged- but personal attacks and unnecessary drama will not be tolerated. Feel free to contact a mod for support if you need it, but try not to feed the fire.

Please post an introduction upon joining. What you include is up to you, this is just so we can get to know you!

All posts must be members-only. This is the default setting when posting to this community. Please do not edit this to make your entries to be public.

Enjoy the party favors!
Enjoy the music!
Enjoy the company!

post when you're high. post when you're not.
post about drugs..or not.

& beatnik
& _______qwerty

"ya feel good? nao get off your couch and MOVE, sillybuns!"
~ lu(nardaytrip)


if you would like to submit a topic for the future, please do so here!

gratefulhead - if you swing that way

EROWID - A great resource for all things psychoactive. If you use drugs, you need to know this site. Please, educate yourself before putting ANYTHING into your body. If you don't know what it is DON'T TAKE IT.
MarijuanaRadio- Just as it sounds!
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (US)- tips for dealing with law enforcement, from NORML.

if you would like to become an affiliate, or have a web link to share, please contact an active mod!

please link us!

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Fruitstyle designs
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